Tree trimming services in the Independence & Florence, KY area

Tree trimming services in the Independence & Florence, KY area

Are Your Trees Growing a Little Too Large? Rely On Belgian Tree Service LLC

If your trees are starting to take over your property, it’s time to call a tree company for a trim. Belgian Tree Service LLC offers residential and commercial tree trimming services in Independence, Florence, and the surrounding northern Kentucky area. We can eliminate branches that are dead, diseased or dying to aid in the appearance and overall health of your landscape. Don’t let tall, large trees become a threat to your property. Call Belgian Tree Service today for a free estimate.

3 main benefits of tree trimming

Belgian Tree Service will elevate the skirt or canopy of the tree by removing any deadwood from the crown. We recommend routine tree trimming services to keep your trees in shape for years to come. Sign up for routine tree trimming, and you can:

  1. Protect your structure from fallen limbs
  2. Keep limbs away from power lines
  3. Protect the health of your trees

Of course, trimmed trees improve the appearance of your property. Trimming trees can also increase the amount of light that comes through the trees, improving their overall health. Call Belgian Tree Service as soon as possible to get your trees in shape.