What is involved in the tree removal process?

  1. Homeowner would contact our company
  2. We schedule a day and time to come out to assess the job. The homeowner is recommended to be present but is not required. This is when cost is determined and what kind of work will be done to complete the project.
  3. Then, the proposal and contract are presented, then emailed back.
  4. Once job is complete, we will walk through the project.

Do I have to be home when the tree is being removed

No. You are not required to be present through any step of the process. However, if you choose to be you are more than welcome to be involved as much as possible.

Is it safe to remove a tree that is close to the house?

Yes. It is safe to remove a tree close to the house if a professional is doing the work and is taking safe and professional steps in order to remove the tree.

What do I do if a tree that needs to be removed hangs over my neighbor's property line?

The professional thing to do is to talk to the neighbor and inform them we might need access to their yard.

What is the purpose of stump grinding?

There are a couple of purposes when it comes to stump grinding

  1. Safety: You don't want to have anything in your year that could be a potential tripping hazard.
  2. Eye Sore: Your yard reflects you and Belgian Tree Service wants that to be the best reflection it can be.

Will the stumps be removed the same day as the trees?

We would like to get this taken care of for you as soon as possible but we could potentially have to come back to complete this aspect of this job.